TyranoBuilder v2.0.is now available as a Beta build! We are releasing this update initially as a beta and will move it to a full release on August 1st.2021. For full details about the update, please see the official announcement on Steam.

The reason for the phased release is that TyranoBuilder has essentially been rebuilt with v2.0 (although the interface is largely unchanged) and this can cause incompatibility issues when trying to work on projects made in v1.8x or earlier in v2.0.

Because of these issues, we do NOT recommend migrating TyranoBuilder v18x projects to v2.0. Instead, we recommend that any projects that were created in TyranoBuilder v18x are completed in that version. For new projects, please go ahead and start with v2.0!

That said, we have prepared the below guide for those who absolutely must migrate their v18x project to v2.0. Please note: we cannot guarantee that this method will work in all cases!


① Confirm and backup the TyranoBuilder v18x project to be migrated

First, launch TyranoBuilder v18x and confirm which project you want to migrate to v2.0.

In the below example, our project is project named “mygame_v1”. Click the folder icon to the right of the window to open the projects folder.

Inside the projects folder you’ll find a folder with the same name as the project. In this case, it’s “mygame_v1”.

To migrate the project to v2.0, we’ll move this folder to project to TyranoBuilder v2.0.

This is a good time to back up your project, just in case! Copy the contents of the folder to another location on your computer.

② Launch TyranoBuilder v2.0

Run TyranoBuilder v2.0 and create a new project.
For this example, we’ll create a new game named “mygame_v2”.
Next, copy the project folder from step 1 to the myproject folder of TyranoBuilder v2.0.

Now we have two project folders in the TyranoBuilder v2.0 myproject folder.

③ Delete files and folders from the copied v18x project

Delete everything except the “data” folder from the mygame_v1 project folder.

You should be left with just the data folder as below:



④ Copy files from the v2.0 project folder

Now, copy all files and folders other than the data folder from “mygame_v2” to the “mygame_v1” folder.

The “mygame_v1” folder contents should now look like this:

⑤ Edit Config.tjs

Finally, we will edit the Config.tjs file.

Open the two below files with a text editor (such as Notepad):

・ myproject/mygame_v1/data/system/config.tjs
・ myproject/mygame_v2/data/system/config.tjs

We will be rewriting the contents of the config.tjs file for mygame_v1.

First, on line 2, set the value of “; global.config_version” to “5.00”.


Then copy and paste the below script to the end of config.tjs.

; use3D = false
; vchat = false
; vchatMenuVisible = false
; defaultChEffect = none
; defaultChEffectSpeed ​​= 0.2s


Now restart TyranoBuilder v2.

This completes the migration process.


⑥ Check that the migration was successful

Once TyranoBuilder v2.0 has restarted, select and open the project that you migrated.

In this case, the migrated project was “mygame_v1”, so we’ll click on that.


If the project opens and you can preview it, then success!


There will likely be some settings or parts that will need to be manually restored from the editor.

Please note again, we do NOT recommend migrating TyranoBuilder v18x projects to v2.0. Use this guide at your own risk.